Kyoto City Tour with English-speaking Guide

 Kyoto Visitors Host (KVH) are a group of highly qualifed english-speaking tour guides
certified and promoted by the city of Kyoto.
The KVH have gone through an intensive training course sponsored and run by the city of Kyoto
with the purpose of providing quality guiding and hospitality to our visitors from overseas.
The KVH specialize in Kyoto, with a vast knowledge and expertise in the culture and history of Kyoto, beginning from temples and shrines to gardens and artwork to kimonos and pottery.
Kyoto City is surrounded by mountains in Western Honshu, and seems to have a reputation worldwide as Japan’s most beautiful city. Your first impression may be of the urban city of central Kyoto, surrounded by tall glass and steel skyscrapers with modern architecture, but the persistent tourist will soon be one to discover the effort and painstaking time it takes to see Kyoto’s hidden beauty is worth every bit. Discover Kyoto’s hidden beauty in the templesand parks which ring the city center, and find that the city has much more than immediately meets the eye.

Model Itinerary Guided Tours
09:00 Depart Hotel 21,600JPY/ 4 hours
09:30 Kiyomizu Temple 4,320JPY/ Additional hour
11:30 Lunch (cost not included)  Included in Price
13:00 Nijo Castle English-speaking guide
15:00 Kinkakuji Price does not include
16:00 Ryoanji  Admission fees,meals
17:00 Return to Hotel Transportation,toll fees,parking




Other Must-see Sites in Kyoto! You can customize your own tour!

1.Nijo Castle(the former Kyoto residence of the Shogun)
2.Kinkakuji Temple (also known as the Golden Pavillion)
3.Kiyomizu Temple (the most visited temple in Kyoto with a panoramic view over the city)
4.Ryoanji (the famous zen rock garden)
5.Fushimi Inari Shrine (the most popular shrine in Kyoto with thousands of vermillion gates)
6.Higashiyama Slopes (nostalgic shopping streets)
7.Ginkakuji Temple (also kown as the Silver Pavillion)
8.Philosopher’s Temple (famous pathway along small river)
9.Nishiki Market (Kyoto’s busiest food market)
10.Gion (Kyoto’s iconic geisha district)
11.Toji Temple (Japan’s tallest pagoda)
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English-speaking Guide